Wednesday 21 April 2010

I told you I was ill

That's what I'm going to have engraved on my headstone.....because nobody ever listens to me when I'm ill. Today has been terrible - well - not actually the entire day - but I've been out of service since about 3pm which was 'MIGRAINE TIME'. I suffer from the occasional migraine - every now and again - it hurts like hell (on a scale of one to ten it's about a nineteen) - I can't speak (bonus!) - the pain builds to a crescendo - and then we have the projectile vomiting. Tonight we had four lots. It's not pleasant - not pleasant at all. After the sickness comes a slow and gradual lessening of the pain back down to about a number four headache which then lasts about 24 hours. Small quantities of food can be eaten - but it's not enjoyed - simply a need to put something back in the old tummy. I really wouldn't wish a migraine on anybody - not even my worst enemy. Last year I had such a bad one that the Doctor had to inject me in the butt cheek!!!

Lovely Dan has been nursing me - she went out to buy drugs, has made me cups of coffee and covered me in a blanket when I finally fell asleep on the sofa. She can't cope with the up-chucking - but everything else she can do! Then - when it was all over she went out and got me fish and chips....and we were meant to be going out to the movies......bless her!

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