Saturday 3 April 2010

Great, Great day

This post was originally written on Thursday 1st April (Fools day) - but I forgot to upload it....doh doh doh...:)

Today has been a great great day. I met up with some extremely interesting people - and have had some great ideas and insights into the future. Fate has conspired to bring me various random chance encounters today in the oddest way possible......all leading me by the nose onto a certain path. Odd - but good. I always find it strange how fate conspires to give you the next part of your journey - always when you aren't looking for it. I've spent the last two years desperately scrabbling round and searching for myself and my place in the world......and then...lo and behold...when I stop searching and finally relax - the path is revealed and all becomes clear.

Finally this evening I went with Deepak to see this movie. We took tissues - assuming it was going to be a weepie - and we weren't disappointed. If you get the chance to go and see it - do go - I would give it ten out of ten.

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  1. this film is brilliant isn't it! well worth the oscar she won.
    c of l x


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