Tuesday 20 April 2010


Unfortunately - the job interview I went for - didn't result in a situation of gainful employment for moi. The other girl didn't get it either - apparently they want to go back to the drawing board and start all over again. It's not as if they're recruiting the next Prime Minister - it's only a PA's job - but hey ho - in the grand scheme of things it's not really important - children are dying of starvation. I'll get another job - I've never been without work for long.  I won't even ask for suggestions - my mystery readers might write something nasty! I should be able to move back into my pretty little cottage before very much longer - the tenants have served one month of their notice - so worse ways there's just one more month to go. Hopefully they'll go before the end of the notice period.....fingers crossed everybody! Then there'll be some decorating to do, and gardening (yaaaaay) and I shall be settled in my little home again.

I am still practising patience techniques - which for me is somewhat challenging - (No?) but it's nearly May and I feel a bit like I've been standing still all year so far. Somebody did say that this year wasn't going to go well for me - but I'm not having that!!!!


  1. What do you mean "only a PA's job" do you know how hard us PA's work!!! Only a PA's job indeedy! ha! ha!
    C of L x

  2. I didn't mean it like that!!! What I meant was they have interviewed about 20 girls, then re-interviewed two of us - and then neither of us got the job.......how difficult can it be?


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