Tuesday 6 April 2010


When I left my old address I was pressured and harangued on an almost daily basis to set up a mail redirection - by some grumpy old mardy arsed git who wouldn't/couldn't be bothered with my mail . The fact that he could've just given it to me or to our friendly neighbour to pass on to me - completely passed him by:) All he had to do was keep it safe for a few days and then pass it on - aren't some folks funny?

Well, you know me and how resistant to pressure I am - so I didn't - for ages. Besides which I didn't know which address I was going to end up at - so until something permanent was arranged there didn't seem much point.

Eventually I capitulated and set up the redirection to my Mum's address - that way I knew I would get my post. Today - after two and a half weeks - I still haven't received anything....have just been on the phone to Royal Mail (twenty minutes on hold...lots of Mantovani plus "Sorry you're in a queue...blah blah blah....") and eventually I discovered that I had put the incorrect address on the forwarding details. What a dick I am :) I also discovered when I recovered a piece of this post that chuffnut in Banbury has been opening my post - which is - in actual fact a criminal offence - honestly...some people have absolutely no morals whatsoever.

A poor woman in the next block has been getting my mail! My Mum has just gone round to collect it and apologise, and Royal Mail now have the correct address so all should be well!

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