Tuesday 20 April 2010


My little body is getting a bit bigger. It must be all the food that I'm consuming in restaurants. In the last seven days I have eaten out for six of them. Tonight Dan and I went to Nonna's with Moya and Fiona for early dinner. I had Lasagne - which was like heaven on a plate - proper Italian food x Last night we were at Loch Fyne with Helen and I had a fillet steak and monster king prawns. I can't go straight to bed when I get home because my little tummy is so full! Five weeks ago I was extremely skinny as I had lost one and half stone since Christmas and could easily pull my jeans (size eight) without unfastening them - but now - no chance!!! You can no longer see my hip bones through my trousers, and my bum has kind of grown back. My clothes now almost fit me again....previously they were all hanging off me. I'll have to be a bit careful or I may need to go on a diet soon :)

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