Sunday 4 April 2010

Jesus Loves Me

Can't write too much at the moment as I'm going out for full English Breakfast in ten minutes. Just wanted to say that last night I went to Church. WHAT? YOU? CHURCH?......Yes - and what's more the building didn't collapse or get hit by an aeroplane falling from the sky (Emmerdale?), or burst into flames. No chap with a red face, goatee beard and tiny little horns carrying a toasting fork was waiting for me at the door to tell me I was in the wrong place (by a mile).....I was actually made to fell quite welcome! Him upstairs can obviously see that I'm okay actually!!!

It was a very interesting experience - because it wasn't any ordinary church. No - it was a specific church. Anyway - more about that and other stuff later....I'm off for bacon, sausage, egg, fried bread and HP sauce right now. Later x

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