Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Dear Anonymous..... ( tiresome!)

Dear Anonymous

Thank you for your comment. I was saddened when I read it this morning because the fact that you wrote it (at 1.17am - problems sleeping? All not perfect in paradise? Nothing better to do in the middle of the night than read my blog?) tells me that you are stuck in a place where you are motivated by anger and revenge. That, in itself, is sad - and you have my sympathy. Time heals all things - and I hope that you start to feel better soon.

In terms of having your comments seen in a public forum - commenting on my blog probably isn't the brightest idea you've ever had - because of course I have editorial control over my blog! So if I don't want your comments to be published - they won't get published. Simples x

However - because I'm not afraid - of you - of the truth - or of pretty much anything - I decided to publish your comments anyway. I am sure they will provide some light entertainment for my many doubt at all!

I don't think you meant to post it twice - but I think that's what is called a PICNIC error (Problem In Chair Not In Computer) ....but don't worry as it happens a lot to people who aren't very bright. That would also explain the lack of punctuation and pretty poor spelling ('Scene' - not 'seen'). 4 out of 10 - see me after class!!

Comments - no matter how badly spelt and punctuated - are always welcome on my blog ( This website may help you). I do prefer it when folk (even angry, nasty ones) leave their name. Besides - why would you remain anonymous? If you have something to say - be proud of your comments - or better still - 'phone me!!!

In answer to your question....No, I don't charge for it - and if that's the most wounding, spiteful and most vicious you can come up with...I think that maybe 'Insulting Tracy' may not be the career for you :)!!

If you are looking for somebody who charges, perhaps is the website for you - or google (warning - Adult Content) 'Rosie of Warwick'. Our mutual friend will have her contact details as he has booked her in the past. He also has a user name and password for as he uses that site regularly. I think that's what he does to keep busy when he's staying in Leeds. I'm sure if you ask him nicely he will help you find what you are looking for. Good luck in your search for a working girl.

Love (as always) Tracy
Kissy Kissy x


  1. Just read the comment you are refering to and my god, you are right. A career insulting you is most certainly not for them. :-)

    What a rubbish insult. Who is this loser? I think you should give us names. :-)

  2. Ha ha Christian!!! The thing about insulting me is that you have to get up very early in the morning - (Oh - they did!) and be a bit of a whizz with words (, and you would need some very very sharp words and a modicom of wit, with a healthy dose of sarcasm, and perhaps a sprinkling of intelligence to puncture my hardened exterior!. All clearly lacking in this instance. Try again - and keep trying - it keeps me amused!!!

    I think it may be a lady (?) (according to the IP address) who lives in the Watford area - but beyond that I'm not sure xx


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