Thursday 22 April 2010

Mystic Meg

Tonight I have been to night school. Not that I need any further education - I think I've learned enough in my lifetime...don't you? This is 'Spiritualist' classes. It's a 12 week course, and tonight was week 2. We have learned how to open our Chakras, how to meditate, how to contact our spirit guide, and lastly tonight we met our animal guides. Please don't DON'T LAUGH. (I can just imagine Christian's comments on this post....groan). We also did some experiments with pendulums, and using a map of the church and a pendulum I managed to locate a hidden key. Seriously spooky. We also did some mind reading partner had a set of five picture cards - she chose one, visualised it and I had to 'see' which one she was holding. I got it right four times out of five. Now - that's not simply random - it's because I am brilliant :) We also did some dowsing - and that was pretty good too.

Apparently everybody has abilities that are usually un-developed in the psychic realm and all you need to do to expand these talents is learn how....just ask Derek Acorah - he'll tell you.

I can't wait to see what comments appear after this post.  (actually I already know)    :)


  1. LOL.....Can't....comment.....



    lol. HAHAHAHAH


  2. I knew it...I just new it.


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