Sunday 25 April 2010


Tonight I have watched at TV drama on the BBC about the Ipswich prositute murders in the 1990's. It made me think. It made me re-think about a half-plan I formulated about a year ago. I would like to start some kind of charity to help working girls. I am not entirely sure how that help would manifest itself - more research required on what would actually help - nobody appreciates some sanctimonious twat telling you what it is you need...when you are actually crying out for something else. My date tomorrow is a Director of a charity - so I may well pick his brains.

We are only here on this planet for a short time - and I think at this time in my life it may be a good idea to give something back. I've had a nice comfortable life (mostly) and it would be good to do some good.

I'll think about it some more and come back to you when I have the basis of an idea.

Look at the time - it's time for bed - that's what I mean you see - I am about to climb into bed in a warm home where I will be safe until morning. Lots of people don't have that basic luxury of sleeping in a warm bed in a safe place. Maybe we (and when I say 'we' I actually mean 'I'...I am not expecting anybody to join in!) should be helping them?


  1. If you want to help needy people you can send some charity my way. :-)

    My kitchen has cost me a fortune and I still need a plasterer and the floor doing.

  2. i missed that! really wanted to see it! Sky+ didn't work!!
    c of L

  3. Christian...I think you're kind of missing the point here...


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