Sunday 11 April 2010


What about this weather? Isn't it lovely? Makes me want to be back in my little house and start tending to my pretty little garden. A few years ago my garden was a riot of colour and beautiful things (not to mention the daily battle with the slugs) we would regularly have barbeques and most nights I would sit outside to eat my dinner. The warmer weather has brought all that flooding back and my green fingers are starting to itch. Later today I am going to a Garden Centre to meet 'random man from dating website' for a coffee - but you can bet while I'm there I'll be having a little pike at the bedding plants! It's a bit too early to start planting them as yet - (you need to wait until May - to be sure the frost doesn't get them) but then you have total beauty until about the end of September (providing you feed and dead-head them regularly).

I really can't wait to get back into my little house and do the garden and all that kind of stuff. It must be the homemaker in me :) I love my little cottage x

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