Monday 9 March 2009


Following on from my last post - and still following a musical theme - one of the things on my bucket list is learning to play the piano. I did try when Dan was small and bought a baby-grand piano which I had in my hall. But when the (male) piano teacher turned up drunk one night - declared his undying love for me and promptly chased me around said piano - I stopped having lessons (well - you would - wouldn't you - I mean - he drove a Lada - and it was yellow!). A few years later - times were hard and money was tight - so I flogged the baby grand for less than a grand to buy food and pay a leccy bill.

Posselq's son is musical (play's bass guitar very well and is in a band) and Posselq's daughter wants to learn to play the drums (which is a very cool activity for a girl), so on Saturday we went off to Banbury into a music shop and Posselq bought an electric piano. It's being delivered later this week - and I'm going to have lessons!!! I can't wait - there will be no singing however!!!

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