Tuesday 17 March 2009

Smoking news

Well - we have patches - but we're a bit short on willpower and determination. I have been smoking since I was 13 - so thats.....too many years to count.  I am totally and utterly addicted to the bad drug Nic-O-Tine. Yesterday Posselq came home from work early and caught me with a packet of the evil weed in the kitchen. I regressed to a 13 year old (remember when your Mum caught you red handed with something you shouldn't have - the stammering - the sweating - the fibbing?) Can you imagine a grown (?) woman trying to walk backwards to the rubbish bin with a packet of fags hidden behind her back - trying all the while to look normal and carry out a conversation - Oh my goodness - feel the shame. It would be quite funny if it wasn't so woefully pathetic!

So we're trying again today. Posselq stuck my patch on before he left for work at 6.30 this morning. How kind! So far so good :)

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