Wednesday 11 March 2009

How pleasing

....I wanted to post a photograph of the delicious dinner I cooked from Delia's 'How to cheat...' I cooked it on Monday - took a photograph - and now cannot find the connector cable for my camera. I had it just the other day. This meant a cyber trip to to order another one. I just know that five minutes before the postman brings it later this week, the original will show up. Sod's law.

Also - I have a very annoying spot inside my ear. It's itchy and I can't quite reach it. Grrrr.

Also - today I had to go to the farm supplies shop to fetch shavings for Phoebe. My satnav took me to the wrong place - some country park in the middle of nowhere. There were sheep on the road and they simply wouldn't move. I waved my arms at them and everything - five minutes later they just meandered off. (Mint sauce!)

Also - I stubbed my toe on the vacuum cleaner (the life of a domestic goddess is never without high drama)..and it hurt...a lot

Also - I gave Millie a haircut and it went a bit wrong - all the other dogs will take the mickey out of her tomorrow :)

However - some very pleasing things have happened today too. I have booked some piano lessons, and Posselq called home to see me on his way from somewhere in Warwickshire (?) to Leeds this evening. I wasn't expecting him so it was a lovely surprise.

And - I bought a fabulous pillar box red jacket from Debenhams today. Pillar box red being one of my new 'colours'.

The balance of Yin and Yang has been restored.

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