Wednesday 18 March 2009

More from a Domestic Goddess....

This morning whilst doing my dutiful domestic Goddess tasks of ironing the Posselq's shirts - the iron exploded. Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration really - (I wouldn't want you to think that my life is in any way hazardous) but it kind of went 'bang' and then stopped working. I tried replacing the fuse - but - alas - no joy!

Off I went to Comet to replace the iron. Now - Posselq's iron was probably purchased by a man. I say that because it's a "Bosch". I know Bosch as a brand of manly tools like drills and hedge cutters and the like - not really known for making domestic appliances that would please a Goddess such as I.

I have to say that the Bosch iron never really did the job to my standards (army trained!). I wouldn't want to cut the grass with anything made by Braun, and I'm sure that a Philips Iron will be better than a Bosch one - it just kind of makes sense to me.

Update - have just ironed a quilt cover with the new Philips Iron - and it has done the job a treat!!!

Oh For goodness sake - will somebody please pour me a very large gin :)

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