Thursday 12 March 2009


This morning Shitty link have delivered 6 parcels. Vaughan (lovely driver - who is nice - not shitty...and over a cup of tea was regaling me with stories about his 24 year old girlfriend - he's about 55 ....way to go Vaughan) brought them all into the house for me. Five of them are the component parts to the new electronic drum kit for Posselq's daughter, and the sixth is a new bathroom cabinet. I'm not allowed to open the drum kit boxes (Posselq wants to be here when they are opened so he can share the fun - fair enough) - but I am allowed to open the new bathroom cabinet box. Ooooh - aren't I lucky? :)

The life of a domestic Goddess is never dull - later I'm off to buy a new ironing board cover!!! Woop di doo!

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