Sunday 15 March 2009

Weekend News

We've had a lovely weekend. Dan and Jan turned up on Friday night for a sleepover. I haven't seen errant daughter for  while - so that was lovely. Posselq cooked a lovely fish pie (better than I could have attempted - mind you I did my bit by doing the shopping - off I went with a list....).

We all watched 'Comic relief' on Friday night - the films about the kids in Africa always make me cry and this year was no exception. 

The new digital Piano arrived on Friday morning and I have my first lesson tomorrow lunchtime - I don't think Richard Clayderman needs to worry about the competition just yet - but give me time and I'll soon be rattling out some Rachmaninov :)

On Saturday after waving the kids off - we went to Solihull for a spot of retail therapy - after disappointment in John  Lewis (Customer service - shite!) over an exploding fountain pen - we experienced much joy clothes shopping. I was treated to a fabby dabby new leather jacket - and I bought a dress, a new jacket and a couple of scarves. Posselq got some new kitchen gadgets - including a do-it-yourself stirrer - seriously you just put it in the pan and it stirs for you - very 'Harry Potter'. 

Today we have had a leisurely day - one of the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal (apparently) is fatigue. I can confirm that as I fell asleep on the sofa while waiting for my omelette to be cooked at lunchtime. We did manage a trip to the tip to take the Christmas tree which has been lounging around in the back garden for the last ten weeks.

Posselq has just been out on his mountain bike for the first time since he broke his neck in Portugal last summer and had to have his head screwed back on!! Luckily he came back an hour later in one piece. (phew!) I was mentally preparing myself for a phone call from the head (that's the only bit that can speak) telling me that it had become unattached from the body and needed some assistance - but thankfully Posselq came back - head and body still together.

We're just about to have some dinner - and then it's back to Monday and the working week :)

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