Tuesday 3 March 2009

Phoebe's first day out

Today Phoebe's two week quarantine period came to an end (no strange diseases in my horse!!) and she went out in the field for the first time in over 15 days. I have to report that she went to the field in a calm and orderly manner - with no rearing, no pulling, no shenanigans of any type whatsoever! Unbelievable really - all things considered. She was wearing her new green check turn out rug - and she looked lovely.

Her stable is all clean and fresh for when she comes in again at tea time - but I have a feeling that she will be clarted in sticky mud seeing as it has rained all day today here in Banbury.

On the domestic goddess front - I have just returned from a trip to Tesco to purchase all the ingredients needed to make tomorrow's meat and potato pie - and we're having apple and blackberry pie for dessert (with custard - yum yum). I have to confess to having purchased ready made pastry - one step at a time!!!!

Ratings on the dinner will be published tomorrow night:)

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