Tuesday 17 March 2009

Piano fun

I never ever thought I would be posting photographs of food on here - or writing about cooking. Somebody please pass me a large bottle of gin...this is getting ridiculous!

Yesterday I had my first piano lesson. It was really great. My teacher is called Martin and he was very funny. He told me that I was very good - and has suggested I start on book 2 of the text book series as I am too advanced to begin on book 1 - yeah baby! Today I am going to do an hour's practice. (Hmmmm - not entirely sure if that is the correct spelling - is it practice or practise?)

He has given me four short tunes - and I am going to wow him next week by knowing them all off by heart. I have to play with both hands too - Oh crikey!!! 

Fortunately for the neighbours here in sleepy rural Oxfordshire (shhhh) the piano has headphones.

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