Thursday 12 March 2009

Cast-off clothing

Having had my colours done - I am now in need of  a complete new wardrobe - any excuse? I have culled my old clothes collection - there is no longer any brown in there. This resulted in five bin liners full of clothes - which I took to my Mum's the other day. She and Aunty Mimi had a field day - however they are both size 14/16 and it was mightily funny watching them both trying to squeeze themselves into my size 10 cast offs!!! With some garments they actually managed it - and we nearly had a 'handbags at dawn' incident over a couple of items (cream suede coat - and beautiful long cardigan from Monsoon which cost me the thick end of a ton and I've worn it once...grrrrrr)

However - they both got some delightful pieces to add to their already bulging wardrobes and I got a whole lot of wardrobe space - which now needs to be filled up again :)

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