Tuesday 3 March 2009


I have a secret. It's a secret recipe actually. Goodness me - what's happening that I would get excited over a recipe? I need more gin. Anyway the 'secret' recipe has come direct from the horses mouth - well the 'aunty's mouth' actually as my beloved Aunty Mimi called me tonight to give me her special secret recipe for Meat and Potato pie. I told my Mum that I was making the pie and she called Mimi, who then called me to impart her years of cooking experience. There is a special secret ingredient - and obviously I can't tell you what it is - or it wouldn't be a secret...would it? Anyway - tomorrow is Meat and Potato Pie day - and I shall have to start cooking it quite early - not because it takes a long time - but because I am a tit and am bound to make some horrific mistake - and will therefore need bags of time to remedy the situation.

Full update on 'Cooking fun' tomorrow - no doubt at all :)

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