Tuesday 3 March 2009


I've just realised that I haven't written anything about our weekend away in Geneva. Well, we had a lovely time! We left here on Thursday tea-time - I was designated driver of fast racey BMW - because 'im indoors had some phone calls to make. I didn't drive fast racey BMW in a fast racey way though - because I am calm and sensible (not like when I was in my twenties and anything under 90mph was walking speed). When we got to Weybridge we went for a lovely Curry before a sleepover at the Big House (flying from Gatwick mid morning Friday necessitated waking up in Surrey - not Oxfordshire) Luckily I am still welcome at the Big House and nobody had moved into my old bedroom in the last two weeks!!!

We flew - we landed - we got cab - we arrived at the Hotel. 

On Friday night we went out for dinner here. The Steak and frites were very good - I would recommend it!

On Saturday night we had fondue at a cosy little restaurant (cannot remember its name!) and then on Sunday morning we went for a wander and found the History of Science Museum.

We flew home again on Sunday afternoon. On the way back to Banbury I was no longer designated driver. He drove. That means travelling at warp speed. He likes to drive fast - which is a good thing as it means you get there quicker - however (you knew that was coming didn't you?) He's a very safe experienced driver - after all he drives about 600 miles each week. I, on the other hand, am not a good passenger. Just like my Mother (I am turning into her!) I get very nervous when not in control of the vehicle - and sweat and panic when the driver does things like fiddling with the radio at ninety miles per hour. Cue wimpering and the involuntary making of strange noises from some place near the back of my throat. I can't help it - I know how annoying it is (I have nearly de-camped my mother from my car before for committing the very same crime) but still do it none the less. 

The Poselq put up with this until we were nearly home - then I made one wimper too many and that resulted in a bit of a barking at. To be honest I deserved it!!! That meant to the rest of the journey was carried out in frosty silence. 

Once we got home I apologised, he apologised and then we had supper. All in all we had a lovely time :) Perhaps I need hypnotherapy?

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