Wednesday 6 August 2008


Today has been a very good day indeed. I have lovely food in the fridge for my dinner, I only had to be at work for 2 hours today as we have no comms systems at the moment - so no e mail - no internet - no phones - ergo not much point being there - ha ha ha :) I do have to make up the time tomorrow (thumbs down) but that's okay as tomorrow is another day.

I have a great DVD to watch later - and tomorrow night I'm going to GBK with Lisa and Emma. Then on Friday out for pub lunch with Trish. (Have you noticed how it's food that makes me happy?)

Even the fact that the place is a tip and there's a week's worth of ironing to do cannot dampen my cheerful mood at the moment. 

I'm sure once I get back to the office tomorrow morning some git will steal my sunny mood and replace it with one of great darkness and irritation  (no shit... Sherlock) but for now all is well in the world!!!

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