Sunday 3 August 2008

Surbiton - Saturday night social centre of the world!!!!

Last night Jo and I went to Sunny Surbiton for supper and a drink. Whenever I think of Surbiton I think of that sitcom from the seventies with Margot and Jerry, and Tom and Barbara - 'The Good Life".  Surbiton isn't like that anymore - nowadays it's quite a nice place with lots of bars and restaurants and loads of people.
We imbibed a fair amount of alcohol -      as you can see from my face !!! That's my very special gin face :)

Su came out later with her friend Tariq, Tariq's new flatmate and the plumber who had been working on her new house all day.

You can tell which one is the plumber because he has got ripped jeans on!!!
I had a few G&T's and then we had Champagne.

This morning I have a headache -(pink champagne always does that for me...and I really should know better!!!) and because I got home well after midnight........
I have lost my glass slipper :)


Beautiful New life