Saturday 30 August 2008

Three rings

I've just 'phoned Jo and done three rings so that she knows I'm safe...ooh look at the time to be coming home after a night out up in town!!! Dirty stop out. 

I've been to Covent Garden tonight for a few drinks, and I have to say - I've had a few drinks!!!! London is great on a Friday night - everybody was really friendly and I had a great time. Covent Garden is a very cool place to go and there was even a busker in the middle of the square playing lovely music and keeping everyone entertained.  I had to get the tube home alone, and the late train (affectionately known as the 'vomit comet')...but that was the best part. I would have imagined that I would feel threatened and uncomfortable travelling on the tubes and train late at night - but no - people are very smiley and friendly. On the train back to Weybridge I met a lovely New Zealand couple called Jane and Gywn and we ended up sing a very raucous rendition of Dame Vera Lynn's "There'll be Bluebirds Over the White Cliffs of Dover". By the time we got to Surbiton the whole carriage had joined in!!!!...It was great fun!!! It's not true what they say about London people being unfriendly - not true at all.

I'm now back home having a late night snack attack (she's pissed)...toast and jam - toast and jam - toast and red strawberry jam...yum yum yum. Night Night everyone xxxxxxxxx   hic!

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