Saturday 30 August 2008


At the moment I'm having a bit of R&R. Two weeks off work - and therefore - there's no rush to do anything. I'm quite chilled out and relaxed ...however, the result is that my Mojo has gone missing. My Mojo is the part of me that motivates me to to keep busy and get my chores done.

So - no Mojo - No chores. You should see the state of the place....honestly it looks like Steptoe's yard. There are piles of stuff everywhere - clean clothes awaiting the iron, paperwork awaiting attention and filing, yesterday I even left a wet towel on the bathroom floor .......that's something I've never done's all very bad and I need to get my act's because I'm spending all my time writing on here and drinking gin. However - I have to say that I quite like the relaxed feeling, but perhaps I just need to find a bit of balance. I can't believe that one person and one little white dog can make so much mess!!

If you find my Mojo, could you send it home?

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