Friday 29 August 2008

I don't do my banking in Banglahore

Okay - now I'm annoyed. I've just had a 'phone call from somebody who said they were from the bank. They called me on a withheld number. Then the young lady - who was clearly calling from some £1.50 per hour sweatshop somewhere overseas (I am assuming this because of her hardly decipherable accent and the whistling and crackling on the line) asked me if I was "Miss Davy" and asked me to confirm my date of birth. To an un-initiated caller, on a withheld number, clearly from overseas? When it's five years since I was Miss Davy? Not on your nelly. Not today, not ever. I would NEVER give out personal info like that on a call of that nature. But I bet lots of people do. Hundreds, if not thousands. And then they wonder how their bank accounts get raided and their credit ratings buggered about with.

The last time I looked my bank account was held up in Yorkshire - not in Banglahore - so if somebody from the bank wants to call me they had better start the conversation with a nice comforting  northern phrase like...."Eeeeh, as tha' gor owt moist?"

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