Wednesday 6 August 2008

Tom Daley

How amazing is this boy? His name is Tom Daley and he is part of a 2 man team competing at this summer's olympics in Synchro diving (that's 2 people diving exactly the same dive at the same time). . Good Luck to him and his partner, Blake Aldridge. That's one event that I shall be watching at the summer Olympics - that and all the horsey stuff of course! He is only 14. When I was 14 I could have been an Olympic champion in Woodpecker cider, Silk Cut Cigarettes, Van Halen, Todd Rundgren, Thin Lizzy,  Levi jeans, and the boys from the Ecclesall Lawn Tennis Club, especially the very lovely championship players Stewart Wright and John Burnham - (who is now my dentist - weird eh?). 

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