Saturday 23 August 2008

Wembley - England v Czech Republic

On Wednesday night Jo, Su and I went to Wembley to watch the footy. You all know I'm not a big footy fan - and I still don't get the offside rule. Jo's boss has an exec box at the new stadium, and therefore gets tickets to everything that happens there. The tickets were going begging - so Jo begged them and bagged them. The tickets for an exec box include free dinner and drinks all evening - and also include waiting staff to bring those drinks to you as you sit watching the game. Very nice too!! 

Anyway - the game was crap - it ended in draw - and can somebody please explain to me when tackling stopped being a part of the game of football? Mind you I did get to look at Beckham's legs - which let's face it - is a bonus. But the atmosphere was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. When England scored in the final seconds of the game I was so excited that I very nearly pee'd my pants!!!

The dinner was amazingly yummy (no bovril and meat pies for us) and getting ushered upstairs - away from the hoi-polloi made me feel very special indeed. Our box had patio windows which lead to the outside seats where you can sit and watch the game - or alternatively there is a huge widescreen tv inside the box where you can sit and watch it if you prefer. 

I would say that an Exec box at Wembley is certainly the way forward - all I need to do now is marry a millionaire!!!

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