Sunday 24 August 2008

Sunday lunch with Su

Today Su and I went to Sullivan's in Weybridge for sunday lunch. It was - as always - delightful!! I had Roast Beef, and all the trimmings - Potatoes, carrots, greens, Yorkshire Pudding etc etc - with lashings of hot horseradish sauce (it's the only 'hot' thing I like - and I love it when the steam comes down your nose), and Su had roast Pork. When it came to choosing dessert I was told to be careful with desserts -  at my age (!) - because I would end up fat!!!! - well that set me off in a flat spin panic and I had to go and ask some people at the next table if they thought I was getting fat!!! (They had never met me before so it was a bit pointless me asking them!)   When they said no I went ahead and ordered fruit crumble and custard. The fruit crumble was made with red berries and it was lovely - but the comment had struck home and I couldn't bring myself to finish it. On the way back to the car I kept checking in shop windows to make sure that I'm not fat...

Careless comments costs lives!!! In  my case a careless comment could just cost me my love of puddings. She's just jealous - green with it in fact!!!

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