Sunday 31 August 2008

Autumn is peeping round the corner!!

The weather forecast for today here in Surrey is a nice 24 degrees c before lunch - then thundestorms this afternoon. But look at it's all misty and autumnal. I love mornings like this. Autumn is on it's way......yippee!!....

Update 8.15am. Well the Met office and the BBC got it wrong today (what a surprise!) because right now it's lamping it down with rain and we've got thunder and exciting. Millie is trembling by my feet. I love thunderstorms - especially when I'm indoors - however the filming of Phoebe may have to wait until later :(

Christ - I've turned into some kind of middle aged tit - going on about the weather. But I do love living in England and the unpredictability of our weather. Sunny days always feel like a bonus. I don't think I'd like to live somewhere where the weather is always the same. It must be quite boring to wake up every day and think, "I'm in Spain therefore it's going to be hot today". Where for 6 months of the year the only variant is one or two degrees in temperature. Besides - if we didn't have British weather - what on earth would we all talk about!! 

By the way - there's now some misty rain - it's that Peter kay 'wet rain'...."Right - everybody in!"

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