Saturday 30 August 2008

Making a movie

Tomorrow morning Jo is going to come to the yard to film a movie of me and Phoebe. (Then I'm going to sell the movie for thousands...No, No,'s not THAT kind of movie!!!...mind you have you seen that movie clip with the girl and the stallion? - apparently she died!..... Mind boggling!) 

Anyway - if we're going to be film stars - we'd better scrub up a bit. Much grooming required. Brushing, polishing, tack cleaning, mane and tail shining, hoof polishing...then when I've done all that I will need to start on Phoebe :) I wonder which bandages and saddle cloth will look better for the filming, white ones or her new sugar pink ones? hmmm - difficult choice. Check back late tomorrow to see the movie on here and on 'Youtube' (that's if I can remember how to edit, and save and publish a movie's been a long time.)

I've got Jo a chair with 'Director' written on the back, and a clapperboard and a megaphone of her very own. Stephen Spielberg would be impressed.

LATER...  I have just done a google search to see if I could find the girl/stallion thing on the t'internet, and take my advice ...DON'T.  (because I know you all will - your curiosity and inate freakiness will make you - and don't pretend otherwise ...I can just hear you all now..."Me, look for equine porn on the internet..Never!!") Well, be it on your own head if you do. I just have and can't begin to tell you what popped up....loads of pop ups of things I didn't even know existed - let alone were practised enough for people to make a website about it. I'm in a state of complete shock. And, whatsmore I can't tell you the number of things that have just winked at me in the last three minutes !!!  You have been warned.

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