Sunday 24 August 2008

Movie Review

Last night I stayed home and had a lovely steak for dinner with a green salad. I was tired after riding and doing boring household stuff all day. I had a dvd which I bought last week to watch. It was this movie which I thought would be great because it starred Sean Bean -one of Sheffield's finest exports...(did you know that I've met him? Yes, he gatecrashed a party I was hosting - together with Christopher Lambert from 'Highlander' dropper). But I was gutted when I realised that his character was supposed to be from Essex so he had dropped his lovely Sheffield accent and replaced it with a ridiculous faux - Essex one. It was quite laughable, and truly awful. The movie was shite, and I couldn't get my head round the plot at all.  So - my recommendation - don't spend any of your hard earned green stuff on buying this movie - I have a copy and would LOVE to give it away!!! 

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