Tuesday 26 August 2008

Norman would have been proud!!!

Because of my experiences with Norman on Friday - on the way home from work today I decided to try - for the first time ever - to stick to the speed limit for the entire journey. Alongside  the River Thames on the Portsmouth Road, up past the Scilly Isles roundabout, past Sandown racecourse and through Esher and all the way along the Hersham bypass into Weybridge. It was very difficult indeed. I managed to piss off a white van man, a man driving a yellow JCB, a brown UPS van, and finally a middle aged, open necked shirt, medallion wearing, middle-aged lothario driving a silver porsche (are you trying to be a cliche?, or is it just a trick of the light?). 

The journey home took me about fifteen minutes longer than normal:)

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