Sunday 25 July 2010

Mr Pape

Last night I went to a 'do' with Jayne and Paul. It was at the Golf Club (oh how utterly middle class!). There was  Neil Diamond tribute singer on - who, despite our reservations, was actually very good - and if you closed your eyes and ignored the dodgy wig and strange eyebrows - sounded just like Mr Travelling Blue Jeans.

Paul said he had a surprise for me and that somebody was going to be there that I would be pleased to see. 

Mr. Pape. That's him in the picture (apologies for the quality - but I took the pic on my i-phone). Mr Pape was one of our teachers at school - he taught the boys sports - so he was never my teacher - but I remembered him - and he remembered me. He also remembered my two brothers and anybody else I cared to mention during the two hour chat that ensued. It was really fab to see him again after 30 years. Sport must be good for you because he certainly didn't look his age.

Jacqui and Mel were there too - which was a lovely surprise - and my Dad's oldest friend Jim Gibson. I had a great night. 

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