Friday 30 July 2010


I've been to the Opticians. Had a chat with the lovely Justin. Apparently the old mince pies aren't as bad as I thought and no new prescription for reading glasses is required. I do, however need specs now for distance...for driving and watching the tv. I knew that anyway as I can no longer read road names.

So - I've ordered some and they'll be ready on Tuesday. I could have had varifocals - but because my face is so small and my frames are therefore quite small - there wouldn't be enough room in the frame for the varifocal lense.....I could have got new frames but didn't relish the idea of looking like Elton John from 20 years ago. (I also don't have the cash to splash).

So I'll have a pair for reading and a pair for distance.

I hate getting older. I feel suicidal.

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