Thursday 15 July 2010

Bike adventures

When I was living in Banbury with Voldemort you may remember that I acquired a pushbike. Anyway - when I moved away the bike went into storage - and since I got my stuff back a few weeks ago - the bike has been in the back garden (under a nice waterproof cover). This week I decided to go for a bike ride and realised that I hated the Shimano clips and shoes that Voldemort had bought for me - (because we had to do everything properly). Well Shimano shoe clips just make me get stuck and I fall off the off I trotted to the bike shop to get a pair of ordinary pedals.

Once I got them home I attempted to change the pedals - but Voldemort had put them on too tight - and despite my very best sweaty red-faced huffing and puffing...I just couldn't shift them. So this afternoon I took the bike to the bike shop to get them changed over.

The man changed them for me and then pointed out that I had been riding the bike for three days with the handlebars turned completely through 360 degrees. Somehow - whilst in storage - the handlebars had been turned through a full 360 degree turn. This meant that the gearing cables and the brake cables were incredibly tight around the handlebar stem...but ....because I am a tit I just never even noticed.

The staff in the bike shop were smirking. Twats. We all have to learn somehow...don't we?

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