Tuesday 13 July 2010

Tangled fingers

Now that I am officially unemployed and have loads of spare time on my hands I thought I would do something constructive. Regular readers may recall my foray into music last year when regularly I would go and visit the divine Martin and have a weekly piano lesson. Sadly, Martin is in Banbury - (and that's a place I'm not in a hurry to visit again any time soon) - coupled with the dire lack of funds - lessons are on hold - but practise isn't! Oh no - indeed not. So this morning - a full 6 months since I last sat and tinkled the ivories..I decided to get started again.

I would love to be able to play well - really, really well - but I haven't done it for so long - most of what I had learned has been forgotten.

But practise makes perfect...and so I've just done an hour or so. My fingers ache now - and so does my back - but some of it came back - and it was fun.

Maybe - I'll do more tomorrow.....?

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