Tuesday 27 July 2010

The Soup

I completely forget to tell you. When I was away last week staying with my pal I met Andy. Andy is my pal's friend - but I think he'd rather be much more than that - if you get my drift. He calls her and texts her a lot and often 'just happens to be in the neighbourhood' when she's out walking her dogs. 

Anyways up - Andy invited us round for dinner to taste his famous 'soup'. Now - where I'm from soup is usually a starter - so I figured we'd be having soup, then main, then pud.

Soup was served - rather thick and hearty - containing large quantities of pulses (oh my bowel) and bits of meat. At the moment it was served I had an urgent desire to start singing the bit about Gruel from 'Food - Glorious - Food' (Oliver devotees will understand that).....

It was a funny grey colour...and to be honest tasted a wee bit bland without lashings of salt and pepper. I lashed the salt and pepper, scoffed some bread and - then - seeing as the hearty soup was rather filling - ate three quarters of it - in order to leave room for my main course. 

However - there - was - no - main - course.

Soup was it. Pud was an arctic roll.

I went home a bit hungry - and a tad confused.

Obviously I didn't say anything - just thanked him for dinner. (I have manners you see)...but I did want to get fish and chips on the way home.

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