Monday 26 July 2010

Blind..... a bat. It's only just over 12 months since I got new lenses in my glasses. They've stopped working. I am a bit worried because my eyes are deteriorating at an alarming rate. Without my specs I am hopeless...I can't see anything on the PC, in the paper or in a book.

At the moment I am still okay with distance vision - but my near sight is hopeless...truly.

When I first got specs two years ago - the optician told me that I would only need to get my eyes tested once every couple of years. Well - that's simply not the case. Last summer I had to get replacement lenses, and about 7 months before that I had to do the same. So I am now looking at my 4th set of lenses in three years. That's not good, not good at all. As I sit and type this I am struggling to read it - and the problem is I just don't have the budget right now for new lenses.

The good thing is that when I look in the mirror - there's a very beautiful (if blurry) woman looking back at me. For that...I am truly grateful - it's good job I can't see the truth :)


  1. I'm sure Justin would sort you out. He's actually quite good you know. :-)

  2. I've made an appointment with the lovely Justin. It's later in the week. Of course I will let you know how I get on. Will just have to order my white stick and my labrador puppy x


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