Tuesday 27 July 2010

Working Lunch

Today I went for lunch and a meeting with my dear pal Bill. He is helping me with my website design - so we had a 'creative' lunch. I love Bill. He's one of those rare people who just 'gets it'. He understands most things and can talk about anything and everything. He's understanding and kind and sympathetic and interesting and funny. 

We were chatting about 'stuff' - (as you do) - and it was lovely and satisfying to talk with somebody with a fine level of understanding. 

The website design is coming along nicely - and I just have to create some copy - and soon it will be ready for launch. I am so excited about my new business venture. Everyone who I have told about it has said "Oh - you would be REALLY good at that".......which is nice as it confirms what I think too. I am really, really excited XX


  1. So why haven't you told me what you are doing? I'm hurt. :-(

  2. All in good time Christian - we are in the preliminary stages at the moment and nothing is confirmed. Once it's up and running - you - my dear friend - will be the first to know. Love you x


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