Monday 12 July 2010

In the news today....

Isn't it funny how Raoul Moat's brother is now blaming the police for his brother's death? "If only he'd been allowed to speak to him he could have talked him round". After seeing his brother on last night's news I'm not sure that the chap could have talked his way through a simple telephone conversation to order pizza let alone reason with a gun toting murderer...and shouldn't he have spoken to his brother years ago and hopefully helped to prevent him from turning into some kind of deranged nut case?

I'm surprised that he's not saying that Gazza should have been allowed to join the negotiating team :)

This guy shot dead one person and wounded two others - but his brother insists he wasn't a deranged killer (oh - what would you call him then?)...but insists he was just an ordinary guy suffering from a nervous breakdown. Lots of people have nervous breakdowns...usually they just take prozac and sleep, have counselling and hopefully get better (not tying to trivialise mental illness here - but surely you get my point?)...the thing is - they don't go on the rampage with a fully loaded weapon and terrorise everybody within 100 miles. There's a clue in the finale - nobody who is safe and normal (!) blows their own face off.

Sorry he's dead and all - but maybe that's the correct outcome?

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  1. I'm not sorry he's dead. Why spend £30,000 a year keeping him in prison for the rest of his life?

    I think that if someone kills someone else they should instantly lose all rights. Sod them!


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