Thursday 1 July 2010

For my friend

I have a lovely friend. She is really truly lovely and has been all the years I've known her. She is supportive kind and loving and extremely loyal to her pals. It is an honour to know her. She would never deliberately hurt anyone or anything. She works hard and cares a lot. Everybody should have at least one friend like her - their lives would be much richer for it. She always has time for me and is so caring and understanding...she is bright and funny and as a bonus - is a doggy person.

At the moment she is going through some shit. More than she ever deserved. Her shit is the direct result of stupid people with small minds, narrow views, pointy fingers and wagging tongues. In other words people who are afraid.

I have spoken to her tonight and I hope she truly heard what I said to her. Just in case she didn't I'm going to say it again.....

"You haven't done anything are a lovely person with a huge time others will realise how badly they have treated you and will hang their heads in shame.....You are loved and respected more than you can know."

I love you x

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  1. Hello!!!
    Read and believe your last statement.... it applies to you as well missy.......
    Love Cressie


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