Saturday 31 July 2010

Meet the Morris family

What a lovely family!...and they are.  The blonde lady is Jayne. I have know Jayne for 42 years (Bloody hell - that's a long time)..we met on our first day at infant school and were very good friends right up until we were sixteen. I didn't see her for a while after that - and then throughout the next few years we would see each other from time to time. 

Also on the picture is Paul (hubby) and the children Kate, Claire and Daniel.

Kate and Claire have just qualified as a Medical Doctor and a Dentist (very well done girls) and Daniel is still studying.

Kate and Claire used to play with our Dan when she was small and on her first day at Silverdale they escorted her in to the huge building so that she didn't feel so alone and afraid!

Jayne and I have had many adventures together - and now enjoy regular Friday night forays down Ecclesall Road - we laugh a lot - which is lovely.

Yesterday it was Paul's birthday - and I was invited Chez Morris for a celebratory barbecue...mind you it rained and rained - but the food and company were excellent.

They are a lovely family - and Jayne has always been a very good friend to me - she still is - and for that I am extremely grateful. Apparently they will be very excited to get a mention on here!!

PS - aren't they 'smiley'?

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  1. Jayne looks fabulous ! and i love her daughters already cos they were kind to little danny x
    fifi la trix


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