Friday 23 July 2010

Back now

I've been away to stay with my dear friend Liz down in Essex since Tuesday. We've had a very nice time indeed. We have walked dogs - lots of dogs - lots of times. Sat in the garden (chatting)...sat in the living room (chatting)...went into London Town twice in one day (second time I actually drove - in central London...yikes!)...and just generally had a lovely girly time.

Today on the way back up 'north I popped to Banbury to see my old next door neighbour Lisa. Obviously I had to take extra special care to not bump into Voldemort...but it was okay because he was out when I got there (phew). I did consider walking down the road with a bag on my head so that I wouldn't be spotted...but there was no need. Lisa and I had lunch and a catch up - seeing as it was March the last time I saw her - that took a good couple of hours. We also had cream cakes but as Lisa is a member of weightwatchers...that has to stay a secret.

Sorry if you've missed me (!) but I'm back now.

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