Thursday 8 July 2010

Not a lot happening round here....

Sorry everybody. I know I've not posted for a few days - and that's not like me.  The thing is - nothing really earth shattering or hilarious has happened over the last few days. All is calm and going nicely.

Things to tell you??...well I became one of the great 'un-washed' with a recent visit to the job centre. There was a Staffy tied up outside (had to be) and people wearing shell suits and leggings...a long queue...and a few missing teeth. Sadly no fumigation booth on the way out - so I came home and had a bath. I have applied for some jobs - one as a PA with the probation service - don't think they'll employ me somehow - do you? How bloody funny would that be?

I've watched a lot of TV - spent loads of time with pals - including a nice cooked breakfast just an hour ago with the delightful Helen at our favourite Garden Centre..and an equally lovely supper with Fifi last night ( we watched a tv programme where women's 'bits' were on display for all the world to see...eeeurgh), mooched about with the dog, and sat in the garden. Read a few books - and that's about it really.

Today I must clean the bathroom.....

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