Tuesday 28 April 2009


A few problems -(or shall we call them challenges?) - mainly to do with the tenants (free-loading dosser scum) who rent my house out in Sheffield. They haven't paid the rent now for two months - which is very annoying and quite frankly putting me under some financial pressure. To say that I want to go and physically turf them out into the street - belongings and all - would be putting it mildly - but alas - the law protects hapless victims of wankiness and protects them in their 'home' (my house) so that the poor diddums don't end up homeless with nowhere to sleep. (I'm sounding a bit annoyed - and forgetful - as I was in that position myself a number of years ago - mind you I went and camped with my Mother - I didn't stay living in somebody else's house RENT FREE). Apparently they are 'popping' into the rental agent's office this morning with the rent in cash - but they've been promising this since friday - and next month's rent is due in 2 days.

I'm not holding my breath.

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