Monday 6 April 2009


....poke anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. These wise words were told to me by somebody (can't remember who) many years ago. Wise words indeed because this weekend I poked a cotton bud in there and now am deaf in my right ear. We've tried everything - drops - syringing - poking - prodding - patience - every damn thing - and I am still deaf in that ear...PARDON???? I also have an infected finger from a hay splinter - Posselq had a dig round with a needle and some tweezers yesterday - but despite his best efforts - nothing was resolved and now my finger is swollen and sore...very sore. Put that together with the fact that at lunchtime today I have to ride Phoebe in a competition and my finger isn't working - and I can't hear Dan reading the test for me and you'll see why I'm a bit fed up!!!........ PARDON? OUCH !

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