Wednesday 8 April 2009

Dan has a crash!

Today Dan left to go back to Gloucester and I tootled off to the Quacks to see about my dodgy ear -(also required super strong painkillers having been plagued by migraine measuring 23 on the richter scale since Monday....serious pain and much throwing up...lovely!). I was waiting patiently for my appointment when my mobile rang and it was PC Plod on the 'phone to tell me that Dan had had a crash. 

For a mother there can be no worse phone call to answer.

Some numpty had turned right as she was coming towards him at about 50 mph and the poor kid didn't stand a chance of stopping. The other guy couldn't have been concentrating. Dan was on the 'phone to my Mother at the time (hands free) and all my mother heard was her scream and then the sound of the crash. Poor woman nearly had a heart attack. It happened right outside an MOD base - and was captured on CCTV. It really wasn't her fault at all - but her little silver mini is very bashed. Thank God for air bags. She has a cut lip - and was very shaken. Some lovely MOD police looked after her until I could get there - and the civvy police attended too. Her hire car arrives in the morning - which means that she stays with me for another night. 

I finally got to see the Doctor - and have been given nuclear strength tablets for sore head - and instructions to dribble warm olive oil into my ear 4 times a day and then pop back on Tuesday to have it syringed. I have to say that dribbling warm olive oil (extra special virgin type - obviously) is quite a pleasant thing to do - but looks and feels a bit bizarre!!! I must also commend the lovely receptionist at the Surgery. After a lifetime of dealing with Doctor's receptionist who would make Mussolini look like Mary Poppins - the young lady today was extra helpful and kind - re-arranging appointments for me - and sorting out my prescription - and then managing to miraculously conjure up an appointment with the nurse for next week - when initially it looked like I would have to wait about three weeks. I liked her - a lot. It's always great when you meet somebody who is good at their job and has the 'customer's' interests at heart.

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