Tuesday 7 April 2009

Poking in ear update

Just to let you know - because I know that you will have been worrying - the ear is no better. I am about 80% deaf in that ear now - so anyone wishing to speak to me needs to move to the other side! Poor Dan had to keep shouting at me today - and last night Posselq and I were laid in bed talking - I couldn't hear a thing he said. (I bet he wishes he had dodgy ears sometimes).

So tomorrow I will have to visit to the Surgery - register - and then make an appointment to see the quack. When I moved to Surrey it was 18 months before I needed any medical intervention - I've only been here a few weeks and I'm falling to bits already. Maybe it's my age? Just in case you were worrying - there is no pain or discomfort any longer - I just can't bloody hear anything. Tonight I was laid on the sofa watching TV and I had to completely change the way I was lounging just so that I could hear it. 

I don't care how bad it gets - I absolutely refuse to wear any kind of hearing aid  (Prada don't make them - do they?) - but I would be happy to have an assistance dog :)

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