Wednesday 2 June 2010

Wee Cottage update...

Skip News. I hired the biggest one they do. Pete has been here for a few hours this afternoon and completely dismembered the garden. Bearing in mind....NOTHING has been done to it for four and half years - so everything needed cutting and pruning very very harshly. It's looking a bit bald but I am assured by man with green fingers that it will all grow back.

I have chucked away a few things today into the huge yellow skip.....and only one person has had a rummage through it...and they left empty handed!

Today I purchased a kitchen waste more black bin bags hanging off the back of a chair for this girl...Oh No! I signed up for dual fuel with the energy company (not the obvious one!) and arranged to have my carpets cleaned and the cooker steam cleaned. Tomorrow my stuff arrives from storage.....that'll be fun because there's bound to be lots more stuff than I remembered...

The tenant told me that none of the lights in the kitchen worked any more, and the main bathroom light didn't work. I thought we were facing a re-wire - but no - a trip to Homebase, purchased a few bulbs, and hey presto - it's like Blackpool illuminations round here. I can't believe that they've lived in semi-darkness for years for the want of new bulbs! Tits.

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